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Potted Garlic

Garlic can be easily grown even in small places. Garlic is a very healthy and highly versatile vegetable. In Asian and Mediterranean dishes it adds a distincitive flavor.

Best planted in the Autumn or Winter it will be happy growing in beds or containers.

Carcassonne Wight – Great Vigour. Exceptional Pink and Purple colour. A hardneck garlic which does well in the UK.

Vallelado Wight – A variety originally from Spain it is more tolerant to the UK climate than some varieties. Recommended for its large juicy cloves.

Early Purple Wight – The earliest variety. Large purple tinged bulbs with very wide leafy growth. A fresh zingy flavour.

Lautrec Wight- Finest French variety with Pink cloves, they have a smooth flavour. A classic hard neck variety with white skin.

Provence Wight – vigorous and with a softneck, these large white bulbs have a sweet flavor. Proven to grow well in the UK.

Solent Wight – Top seller with a robust flavour. Particularly well suited to the UK climate. Hard dense bulbs that keep well.


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