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Tramadol Purchase UkNew Customers
If you feel you will be a regular customer, we will be happy to consider opening a credit account after a few successful transactions and on receiving two good trade references.

For an ‘Account Application form’ please contact us via email, and we will happily forward it to you to fill in and return it to us if you wish to be considered for a Credit Account.

If you have a one off bulk order or will use our services less frequently we can also accommodate your needs. We do require cleared funds before allowing any order to be dispatched. You can transfer funds electronically via Bacs or online transfer.

Please keep in mind that it takes a little time to set new customers up.  In the week immediately before Mother’s Day or pre Bank Holiday we are normally absolutely flat out with handling orders for our established regular customers.  Please plan ahead so we can get your order processed smoothly.  A couple of weeks generally allows enough time to get everything in place.  Please note we DO NOT have the facility to take credit or debit card payments.

Tramadol Purchase UkRetail Customers

Buying our herbs online – Our herbs and other products can be ordered online from Order Tramadol Overnight Uk who will deliver your order to your door.

Buying Tramadol Online CheapRefunds
Should you be unhappy with the quality of any part of your order, we must be notified within 24 hours of receipt. We will consider issuing refunds on the grounds of each individual complaint.

Order Tramadol Online Cash On DeliveryCancellations
Should you, the customer, cancel an order you will be charged a percentage of the total invoice amount depending how far your order has progressed through our system. If the order has left site you will be charged in full.

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