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Our Strawberries are pot grown in 9cm pots, from small crown plants, and establish rapidly after planting. Our plants will fruit in the first year.

Our plants are from virus indexed mother plants.

Strawberries are generally available from Week 11 to week 34 (check on the latest availability list)

The 9cm pots all have a colour care card and are packed in trays of 20.



Mid-season. Produces attractive, bright orange/red glossy fruit. The fruit has a sweet and juicy flavor. This newer variety is more disease resistant than some older ones.

Cambridge Favourite

Mid-season classic favourite.
Good for jam making.
It travels well and is fairly resistant to disease.


Early-mid season fruit.
Now the most popular variety.
It is high yielding, has good flavour and produces, medium to large fruit with a good shelf life.


Mid red, conical shaped.
firm berries produced in early summer


A late fruiting variety which produces regular conical shape fruit with firm flesh and skin. Dessert type, best picked when fully red.


A Mid season fruit.
Very large glossy berries.
A high yielding variety that is a pick your own favourite.


Early season fruit, good for eating fresh and for freezing. A hardy and reliable variety producing orange/ red fruits.


Mid season.
Glossy skin with sweet flavour.
High yielding.

Red Gauntlet

Mid-season variety with large scarlet-crimson fruit.
Heavy cropping with good disease resistance.


A late season fruiter has a dark red colour, which are fairly firm and medium in size. The plants are vigorous with well displayed fruit on long stems.


mid season, conical berries, fairly dark colour with a firm skin. Sweetheart has good mildew resistance.

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