Plant Health & Environmental

Xylella and Neonicotinoids are both major conversation points at the present we have decided to let all of our customers know how we stand on both topics.


We do source some of our young plants from outside the UK. These come from continents that are non Xylella demarcated.

These plants are purchased as young plug plants which will be grown on at our nursery for several months. We DO NOT trade any plants.

In summary We DO NOT purchase ANY plant material from infected areas. We DO NOT trade any plants and we have regular plant inspections by Animal & Plant Health Agency. All plants that we sell are accompanied by a plant passport.


We are NOT using Neonicotinoids on ANY of our garden plants and will NOT be in the future.

One of our young plant suppliers, based in Israel, may, under exceptional circumstances use a neonicotinoid up to twice a year if they have a particular issue but these sprays are used inside a glasshouse so there is no danger of drift into the environment. They are currently working on finding alternatives.

Friends of the Earth bee campaigner Nick Rau said: “We’re aware there are supply chain issues to resolve, such as plug plants originating from Israel, Colombia, Kenya or wherever, and this will take time to sort out.”

Our garden plants are free of UK applied Neonicotinoids.

Biological Controls

In recent years we have been using ever fewer chemicals on our nursery. This is continuing for the 2018 season with our integrated pest management plan using a vast majority of biological controls. Our aim is of course to send out pest free plants but we also hope that retailers and end consumers will recognise that more environmentally friendly sustainable production techniques sometimes are not quite as effective as the old fashioned chemical approach and the occasional aphid might be found. We hope people can be realistic in this respect.

Our Contribution to the Environment

We pride ourselves on being environmentally friendly. We work closely with a local recycling company who take away all or polythene and film, cardboard PE plastic and PS plastics. Our general waste is also sorted by a company who send nothing to landfill. Waste plants are composted. We are also 20% peat reduced.