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Price List

All prices are ex nursery. Any Barcoding and Transport is additional to the prices below.

For regular, volume orders the prices below are negotiable. Please contact us. Please note our minimum order is 20 trays (400 9cm pots or 160 1 litre pots)

Herbs 9cm £0.63
Herbs 1 Litre £1.26
Lavenders 9cm £0.63
Lavenders 1 Litre £1.26
Wild Flowers 10.5cm £0.75
Strawberries 9cm £0.63
Rhubarb 1 Litre £1.26
Chilli Pepper 1 Litre £1.26
Garlic 10.5cm £0.85
Wallflowers 1 Litre £0.75
Wallflowers 2 Litres £1.15

Prices above are for full trays containing the same variety. For a small premium per pot we are able to pack two varieties in the same tray.

Wild Flowers and Wallflowers are subject to VAT, which will be charged at current rates and is NOT included in the price shown above.

All prices shown above are ex-nursery for wholesale customers and DO NOT include any delivery cost which will be charged per trolley. (Most postcodes £60/£70+VAT some extreme southern, western and northern postcodes carry higher charges). Access is required for an articulated lorry.

If you require a delivered price please contact us.

London deliveries will be quoted and considered on an individual basis only.

A full trolley contains 800 9cm plants or 280 1 Litre plants. A combination can be ordered. These numbers will be less at certain times of year as the plants will have extra growth.

Sorry we are unable to provide Mail Order.

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