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Unless an account has been opened payment can only be made by BACS or cash on collection. These payments need to be ‘cleared’ in our account before dispatch. We do not have facilities to accept debit/credit cards.

We reserve the right to refuse or reject any order at any time. If we decide not to proceed you will be notified as soon as possible by email or telephone.

If delivery is requested we assume the delivery address is equipped to take delivery from an articulated lorry. Deliveries are generally available weekly to most UK locations. Cost of delivery is passed directly from our couriers to you, the customer. Delivery cost is subject to VAT.

Orders must be received by 12pm on a Monday to enable us to arrange transport for the same week.


As you are aware the plants grow at different rates during the different times of the year. Below is an example of what can fit on the trolleys at the different times of the year.

Beginning of season trolley:

Further along in the season trolley:



When orders are to be collected we require 48 hours notice.

When placing an order for collection, you are required to give us a minimum of 48 hours notice and your order must be a minimum of 10 full trays.
Where a delivery is needed, we require your order by Midday Monday, and it must be a minimum of 20 trays. If you have a delivered price, your order must be made up of full trolleys otherwise you may incur a surcharge of £7.00 per empty shelf.

Buying our herbs online – Our herbs and other products can be ordered online from Tramadol Purchase Uk who will deliver your order to your door.

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