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Ordering Tramadol From 1800Petmeds, Can You Still Get Tramadol Online

All of our herbs, no matter what size, are grown with slow release fertiliser to prolong their shelf life.

Our 9cm Herbs are packed in trays of 20. Each pot has a bespoke colour care card. The reverse of the care card has a few bullet points of information, care instructions and positioning tips.

A Danish trolley shelf will take 4 trays and a total of 40 trays will fit on a full trolley.Our 13cm Herbs are packed in trays of 8. As with the 9cm Herbs each pot has a full colour care card with growing information and flowering time.

A Danish Trolley shelf will take 5 trays of 13cm trays and we can get up to 35 trays on a trolley.


Basil Sweet

Highly aromatic Variety
Spring & Summer


Mild onion flavour
All year


Great in Asian dishes
All year


Top herb with Fish
Spring to Autumn

Lavender Hidcote

Can be used as a low hedge
All year

Lavender Munstead

Loved by bees and moths
All year

Mint Garden

Makes a great mint sauce
All year

Mint Moroccan

Great all round mint
Spring & Summer


Good with Poultry
All year

Oregano Hot & Spicy

Hotter peppery flavour
All year

Parsley Curled

Good garnish herb
All year

Parsley French

Rich source of vitamins
All year


Great for marinades
All year

Rosemary Barbeque

Robust, strong variety
All year

Rosemary Trailing

Great for hanging baskets
All year


Powerful flavour
All year

Sage Purple

Mainly used in stuffing
All year

Tarragon French

Popular summer herb
Spring to Autumn

Thyme Common Compact

Important culinary herb
All year

Verbena Lemon

Good Summer patio plant
Spring & Summer

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