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Special Trolley Deal Price for week 31 on selected Lavender, Rosemary & Sage

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We are able to offer some selected lines at a special offer price for week 31 delivery on a first come first served basis.  These are all beautiful quality 9cm plants suitable, either for retail or perfect for use as liners.  See photos.

This offer applies to a trolley or more of the offer lines and is your normal price less 25 %

The following are available, all in our usual tall 9cm pots.


2000 x Lavender Hidcote

2000 x Lavender Munstead

1500 x Rosemary Officinalis

1500 x Rosemary BBQ

1000 x Salvia Officinalis

300   x Salvia Icterina

300   x Salvia Tricolour

300   x Salvia Purple

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