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Week 3
12 Jan
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Week 3

Week 3  – Care Cards

We sent an email out last year informing you that we have changed our care cards to include two barcodes. One on the back, which is variety specific. One on the front which is generic. This will replace the sticky labels we previously supplied.  We can provide sticky price labels on a roll for you to stick on pot if you require.

The webshop is open from Friday afternoon to Monday Noon,
for delivery orders the same week.

The webshop remains open for collections all week
click on this link to go to the webshop https://www.webshop.countryherbs.co.uk


At the start of the season we are not so tight for transport space. We also realise that you may not require a full trolley. There is a possibility of part trolleys being ordered and delivered. This is dependent if we are in your area this week.

Part trolleys: MInimum
9cm = 4 shelves (16 trays )
1Ltr = 3 Shelves (15 trays )

If you are interested in a part trolley please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.  01775 713330

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