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Week 46
13 Nov
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Week 46

The method behind our madness…
An explanation of how we work to give you a better understanding when placing an order.


The Web Shop
The web shop opens on a Friday lunchtime(ish)  The reason it isn’t open all week is because we have to move plants around the nursery. To fill in gaps and to put new stock down. Our system is then updated so that our staff can find the relevant plant in the relevant location. Once this is completed we can then open the web shop.

The web shop is a live stock shop. If you can’t see it we have either sold out or its not available at that moment. We do operate on a first come first served basis generally. Obviously this means the earlier you put your order in, the greater choice you will have.


Delivery order cut off time
We close the web shop for delivery orders on a Monday at 12 noon.  We have to do this for a few reasons. Any order outside of our delivery area has to go on another transport company. They generally collect on a Tuesday. We currently deliver around 90% of our own trolleys. This gives us 4 days to get them despatched. So we have to get as many out as we can from Tuesday onwards. Monday and Tuesday are therefore our busiest days.

Collections in the height of season are sometimes moved to Wednesday onwards. This is due to the sheer bottleneck that happens on a Tuesday.


We load all the trolleys on the morning of delivery. This ensures that most of our trolleys are delivered within 6 hours of leaving our nursery.

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