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Week 48 – 2023 prices.
25 Nov
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Week 48 – 2023 prices.


We have always tried to be fair and whilst we are a business, and here to make money, we realise you are the people in the front line and if your sales suffer, we suffer.

The horticulture industry is obviously very energy and labour hungry. The cost of labour and even the sourcing of labour becoming a major part.  The cost of heating the nursery has risen by an astounding amount. We run a biomass system with a backup diesel heater. Biomass is a sustainable wood pellet burning system. Pellet price has risen from £198 per tonne to an astounding £600 per tonne! This turns a delivery from £5346 a load to £16200!  Red Diesel has almost doubled. Compost has risen by 33%

We have invested over the last few years in automated machinery to help keep prices stable.

With regards to transport, in 2022 our fuel bill increased by 32% we absorbed that extra expense, when a lot of other companies levied a surcharge.

We are waiting for some final prices from our suppliers and as soon as we have those we will be contacting you with the new prices for 2023.

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