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Week 5 – Latest
27 Jan
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Week 5 – Latest

Coming Soon…

Rhubarb should be available from Week 6.

The webshop is open from Friday afternoon to Monday Noon,
for delivery orders the same week.

The webshop remains open for collections all week
click on this link to go to the webshop https://www.webshop.countryherbs.co.uk

Lots of varieties waking up from their dormant state!  More should be available in the next couple of weeks.

Shelf surcharge
When we sent out the 2023 prices by email there was a charge of £7 shelf surcharge mentioned. It seems that has confused some people and we apologise for that. If you are paying the delivered price for your herbs, that means it is based on a full trolley. If there is any empty shelves, then they would incur a surcharge of £7 per shelf. If this was the case we would inform you before charging the surcharge, and give you a chance to make it up to a full trolley.


Where we can, we strive to live with our local wildlife. Many years ago a hedge that stands as high as the nursery was planted for two purposes. To provide shelter for the nursery and also provide a great natural habitat for the birds and insects. The sound of the dawn (Not our Dawn) chorus from it is a great start to the day.


Trolley Breakdown Week 5
 9cm = 36 trays – 4 trays per shelf
1 Litre = 35 trays – 5 trays per shelf



Our lorry took out this years first load last week.  Wildflowers and herbs are available all year round. Check availability on the webshop.


At the start of the season we are not so tight for transport space. We also realise that you may not require a full trolley. There is a possibility of part trolleys being ordered and delivered. This is dependent if we are in your area this week.

Part trolleys: MInimum
9cm = 4 shelves (16 trays )
1Ltr = 3 Shelves (15 trays )

If you are interested in a part trolley please contact us and we will try our best to accommodate you.  01775 713330

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